2007 Season

Well the 2007 season started this past weekend in Lethbridge with our new 2005 Dodge Ram Extended Cab Pickup. We are proudly sponsored by Alpine Trails, Mitchell Excavating, Shoesmith Enterprises, Stratton Plumbing, Mountain Petroleum, Brandt Tractor, Woz Mechanical, mitchellsvideos.com, Miller Glass, A Signs, Chris’ RV … The crew for this year includes; Don(The Don) Elmer, Cliff Mitchell, Ken(Brock) Braconnier, JD and Josh Danforth(aka the painters), Darryl Gilles, Marty Garrett, Gene Stephenson, Mike Elmer, and special thanks to Lacey and Jeri and the rest of my family.

The first race for the Imca Stocks was on Saturday May 12 07 at Bridge County Raceway. The first race I started out on the outside front row and soon took the lead. But half way through I relaxed a bit and slowed down a bit when all of a sudden two of the top drivers zoomed right by me darn I hate having no mirror. I could not catch them. The next race I finished third after starting three from the end. Before the Main Event we found a problem in the engine and had to run the race with only seven cylinders. I got the lead very early and lead past half way then Calvin Finch #11 got by me on the outside and after missing the gear in a restart, three more cars got by me. I fought back and finished in third, got a trophy, passed tech and then we loaded up and headed out to get ready to race in Cranbrook on Sunday. Got to Cranbrook International Speedway and the race was rained out. The race has been rescheduled for Friday the 18, Nascar Day hope to see you all there….

Bridge County Raceway, June 2, 2007

Well we hope to be all ready for a very busy weekend. We race in Lethbridge on Saturday night and in Cranbrook on Sunday. Saturday starts out as a beautiful hot day arriving at Bridge County Raceway. 4pm we set up the tent and unload the truck. First race I start on the pole, with the 350 engine running strong and I win the first heat after racing with Calvin (#11) hard for 5 or 6 laps. The second heat race starts with the #66 Dodge truck at the back of the pack. I followed Calvin through and in a couple of laps we were out front. I chased him for the rest of the race, even pushing so hard that I hit the wall on the front straight, nearly rolling the truck over. We took the back bumper cover off but fixed it for the next race. On the white flag lap I passed between 2 lapped cars and Calvin went on the outside. He ended up in the wall, and I won the race. We found out that Calvin was broken too bad to race in the main, I should have sat out as well. We started in the back and after only 5 laps they engine started heating up and so I pulled into the pits. My son, Cliff tried to fix the engine and the overflow can blew up and he got drenched with 280 degree water. The track crew threw the yellow flag putting the track under caution and came running to help. We cooled Cliff off as much as we could and got him to the hospital. After being treated at LRH for 2nd and 3rd degree burns he was released to go home around midnight. We went straight to the Fernie hospital upon arriving home as the pain medication was wearing off and the pain was becoming unbearable again. While he was being given more medication and re-bandaged the crew unloaded the truck and loaded the car so that we would be ready for Sunday in Cranbrook.

Beautiful Day gone bad……..

Cranbrook International Speedway, June 3, 2007

After a long night in hospitals etc. we showed up at Cranbrook International Speedway late and didn’t get any practice. We qualified real bad, missed the trophy dash but got to start on the pole. The engine was weak and the car had a bad push. BAD combination We wore out the right front tire which was new. Had one crash in the heat race tangling with the #23 car of Courtney Rothwell, she spun out and I kept going. I finished 2nd and then 4th in the second heat race. In the main event it was crazy!!! We had 12 cars start the main and I think they were all beside me. Made it through a couple of wrecks, and was able to finish 5th in the main. Not great, but ok for a HOT day. Cliff had showed up before we started and helped out tremendously even though everyone told him to stay in the shade. What an awesome guy, a little stubborn at times, but always awesome! Thank you Cliff!!!! Get well soon!!!!